Head of Syrian-Kurdish Initiative: western hostile departments try to imitate chaos, Dara’a citizens reject acts of troublemakers

Syrian Arab TV – 22-03-2011
Head of the Syrian-Kurdish Initiative Omar Ossi on Monday underlined that the Syrian people, with all spectrums and parties, enjoy social glorious life and strong relations, adding “some western hostile departments try to copy and imitate chaos that hit a number of the region countries and reflect it on the Syrian case.
“The region witnesses a form of chaos and destabilization in some countries… there is an attempt to copy or imitate this pattern in Syria, but the Syrian Kurds are distinctively nationalists,” Ossi said in statement.
Meanwhile, people in Dara’a rejected and denounced acts of some troublemakers who attacked private and public properties, hospitals and cars and frightened people.
Degnitaries and representatives of social and religious activities said in statements to SANA that the acts of those troublemakers contradict with the demands they call for, underlining that those acts are condemned.
Imam of al-Omari Mosque in Dara’a Sheikh Ahmad al-Sayasna called for calm and keeping away from acts of destabilization, warning against the dangers of engaging in those acts or attacking private or public properties which are ownership for all people.
Ahmad al-Hariri, one of Dara’a citizens waned against listening to rumors that provoke chaos and pollute atmospheres of security and safety which the Syrians are enjoying.
Chairman of Dara’a chamber of commerce and industry Qasem al-Masalma expressed the citizens’ rejection of those strange acts, saying “we want calm to prevail among the youth to consolidate the national bond.”
He referred to continuous efforts by all civil and official activities to meet the demands of Dara’a youths through contacting with the competent authorities.
Tribe dignitaries reject campaigns targeting their image, affirm adherence to Syria’s patriotic and national stances

A number of tribe dignitaries in Syria affirmed their rejection of malicious campaigns targeting their image through mass media, stressing their adherence to Syria’s patriotic and national stances which are embodied by President Bashar al-Assad.
Hassan Mohammad al-Musalet, one of the elders of the al-Jabbour tribe, said in an interview with the Syria Television that al-Jabbour tribe affirms their loyalty to Syria and President al-Assad, refuting reports circulated by mass media that seek to harm Syria.
Al-Musalet said that these reports are part of an external plot targeting Syria and its people which is unified around its leadership.
In turn, People’s Assembly member Mohammad Saffouk al-Nassif al-Naiimi rejected reports on some internet sites that slander the name of al-Naiim tribe by using names of its members, saying that the people of Syria live in a state of national unity under the leadership of President al-Assad.
Al-Naiimi said that troublemakers will not be allowed to mess with the nation’s security and safety, adding “we will stand united in the face of the enemies of the security and safety of our precious country Syria.”
For their part, al-Naiim clans in the occupied Syrian Golan said that Mohammad Naiimi is not from the Golan and that they renounce him and denounce what he said.
They also affirmed their support of national and patriotic stances under the leadership of President al-Assad, stressing that are united in support of his leadership against all attempts that target their national unity and steadfastness.


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