Armed gang attacks Officers Club in Homs and opens fire, martyring a citizen… Another armed gang attacks People’s Army Headquarters, several attackers killed

Syrian Arab TV – 26-03-2011

An armed group exploited the gathering of a number of citizens on Friday and broke into the Officers Club, vandalizing it and opening fire, which led to the martyring of citizen Adel Fandi and injuring others, in addition to causing damage to the Club and nearby shops.
Armed gang attacks People’s Army Headquarters in al-Sanamin, several attackers killed
An official source stated that an armed gang on Friday attacked headquarters of the people’s army in al-Sanamin town, 50 Kilometers south of Damascus, in an attempt to storm it.
The headquarters’ guards confronted the gang and the clash resulted in the deaths of several attackers.
The source said that security forces will continue pursuing armed gangs that terrorize civilians and inhabitants and try to tamper with the security of the country and citizens.


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